2020 Highlight: Ardmore Shipping Quarterly Safety Champion awards

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2020 has been the year we have celebrated the ten year anniversary of Ardmore Shipping. Now, we look back at one of our highlights – Ardmore Shipping’s Quarterly Safety Champion Award. The winner receives an IPAD and has proven to be an extremely popular way or recognizing and rewarding enhanced safety standards and application of ideas. This award acknowledges the efforts of specific seafarers who go the extra mile to show innovation and commitment to the safety of Ardmore staff. The Q1 2020 title was awarded to Sanatar Sakar, Bosun on the Ardmore Endurance, who showed inspiring dedication to safety onboard his vessel.

The standard of nominations for this award is incredibly high every quarter, resulting in a regular close competition between the top contenders. Sanatar Sakar, however, was the champion for Q1, with the extraordinary lengths he went to in order to raise the safety standards and culture onboard the Ardmore Endurance. His consistent efforts did not go unnoticed, resulting in glowing endorsements by fellow ship staff members.

In addition to his safety initiatives, which included additional highlighting and stenciling of the muster station, the initiation of a PPE/eye wash/MSDS rack, and many other safety suggestions, Mr Sarkar also performed tasks which fell outside of his regular scope of work, such as the painting of the Ardmore Shipping logo on the ship’s funnel, painting of the ship’s side, and the de-rusting of accommodation portals.

On submitting his vote for Q1 2020 Safety Champion, Mark Cameron, COO, made the following comment:

“The effort that has gone into the submission itself is testament to the significant work he is putting in, and the pride he takes in his job, his colleagues and his work environment. It is clear that when he departs the vessel, he leave it in a lasting and better condition – meaning future generations of seafarers signing off will be well-protected by his enhancements.”

As winner of the title, Sanatar Sarkar received an Apple iPad and a Safety Champion certificate from Ardmore Shipping.

On accepting his award, Mr Sarkar said:

“I am very happy to receive the Safety Champion Award this quarter. It is a boost to my morale and certainly an encouragement for all others onboard. I would like to thank Ardmore Shipping, Anglo Ardmore Ship Management, senior management and my colleagues onboard for this kind gesture and recognizing me as a Safety Champion. My senior management team has always encouraged, and supported, my views, while nurturing a sound atmosphere for safe practices at all times. I will do my best to maintain the great culture of safety onboard the Ardmore Endurance, and spare no effort to improve this further. I would also like to sincerely thank the onboard Fitter and Pumpman, who assisted me in executing some of the tasks mentioned, and who without, these tasks would not have been possible.”

Congratulations once again, Mr Sarkar – you have certainly made us proud with your innovative attitude and #OneTeam spirit!