Ardmore Shipping joins COP26 event to address shipping’s decarbonization strategy

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Ardmore Shipping participated in the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) “Shaping the Future of Shipping” conference, a one day event held in conjunction with COP26 in Glasgow.

The event brought together shipping industry leaders, alongside government attendees and other stakeholders to address the key strategic issues in shipping’s rapidly evolving decarbonization journey.

Over the past 100 years of shipping, vessels have been powered by sail, coal and by oil and gas. Now, in response to the climate crisis, the shipping industry has committed to decarbonize by using more efficient technologies, using lower emission fuels and, ultimately, moving to new zero-carbon fuel sources created from renewable energy. The event included high level speakers on a range of panels which discussed a range of the important topics, including finance, the supporting policy framework, and the required infrastructure to decarbonize the shipping industry.

Attending the event, Anthony Gurnee, CEO at Ardmore Shipping said:

“We are seeing a lot of conversation around decarbonization at the moment, but there needs to be action. The industry needs to bring together the operational and the commercial conversations when it comes to driving the energy transition. At present, these two discussions often take place in isolation, despite the important impact of contractual terms on operational performance such as obligations around of vessel speed, voyage time and fuel consumed.

“In practical terms, one of the priorities should be asking how we can link the commercial desk with the vessel and with the operational side. Chartering teams should be more closely integrated with the live performance of the vessel to really make a difference of putting ideas into action and to see a real difference.

“Decarbonization should be considered an opportunity for shipping companies to make their mark. Listening to the speakers at ‘Shaping the Future of Shipping’ highlights that it is about making changes today, however small.”

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