A Tribute to Seafarers

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From a proud wife – Meenaz Malhan

Why has the IMO declared the 2020 Day of the Seafarer theme “Seafarers are key workers”?

Should it not be declared a permanent slogan for worldwide sailors?

Ironically, we always remember a person’s worth in time of deep crisis, that’s human nature!

In ancient times, seafarers were mainly known as explorers who have discovered different continents on their expeditions – IBN Battuta, Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan are a few names of those who have explored many of the world’s present day developed countries.

It is the sacrifice, endurance, diligence, mental strength and commitment of sailors and their families who make it possible for the world to survive. Ships are carrying jet fuel, that is why a normal person can fly on planes. We all drive different brands of car these days, who is bringing those cars to our countries?  It is the car carrier vessels. We are eating exotic foods and we wear different labels of clothes; it is because of the container vessels who facilitate their movement. Some of the best breeds of cows are transported within cattle carriers.

Nearly every worker in every country has time off on weekends to be with their families whereas seafarers continue to work assiduously on board. When the world is singing hymns and decorating their Christmas tree at home, at the same time many seafarers are experiencing severe rolling during bad weather. When others are celebrating Eid, Diwali and Lunar New year, Mariners are busy conducting cargo operations in port. Sometimes, seafarers are trading in rough weather and storms whereas his wife may be in a labor room welcoming their first child alone, congratulating each other thousands of miles apart.

When the world lost 85percent of its ability to move air freight, ships are still sailing ensuring that medicines, PPE kits and other essential supplies are being transported around the world during this current pandemic.

Governments of the world should be cognizant of the commitment and professionalism of seafarers across the globe and make efficient efforts to repatriate them.

A proud sailor’s wife who has seen the journey of a sailor from his cadetship to Captaincy.

Article by

Meenaz Malhan

Wife of Capt. Deepak Malhan On Board Ardmore Explorer