Ardmore Shipping Ethos

Our Policies

Our policies for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection are short and simple, but nevertheless effective if properly implemented. They are based on our many years of experience in the industry in some of today’s leading and most admired shipping companies. They are intentionally short enough to be memorized, to ensure that those directly engaged in front-line management and operations are familiar with them and mind them every day.


Ardmore believes that seafaring is a profession and not simply an occupation. It seeks to attract, retain and develop those who are, or have the ambition and ability to become, consummate professionals. What defines a professional seafarer? Expertise. Reliability. Pride in a job well done. Ardmore seeks the same in shore staff regardless of function.


We believe that integrity is the real foundation that Ardmore is built on. Integrity means acting honestly and ethically, and doing what you said you would do. Ardmore expects that all of its employees afloat and ashore will act with integrity at all times.


Ardmore delivers shipping services in a harsh and demanding environment, where the consequences of disregard range anywhere from significant to catastrophic. Respect is about doing the job right, and doing the right thing at all times, whether for customers, for shipmates, or for the environment.



Ardmore is dedicated to sustainable practices that promote the preservation of the environment we work and live in. Through daily commitment by all seafarers and staff, supported by leadership from officers, superintendents and managers, Ardmore will:

  • Ensure that operating policies and procedures target zero oil spill pollution incidents;
  • Promote the use of best practices in the application of environmental protection standards on a proactive basis;
  • Comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements and remain at the forefront of the industry in the implementation of environmental improvements and new regulations;
  • Hold suppliers and service providers to environmental standards that support our initiative; and
  • Develop policies and programmes that limit the generation of waste.

Through open communication and alignment of all specific policies and programmes, we will ensure that our technical management partners meet our environmental protection standards.

Ship Recycling

Although we have a modern fuel-efficient fleet, vessel recycling is an important matter on which Ardmore takes a proactive stance. Ardmore supports the principles of the IMO Hong Kong convention and respects the EU regulation on ship recycling through its efforts to ensure the industry achieves further continuous improvement.

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials (“IHM”) as well as relevant class notations are important aspects underpinning our recycling policy, thereby ensuring that the entire life of a vessel, beginning with its construction and updated on a regular basis throughout its life cycle, are properly documented. All Ardmore vessels have an approved IHM, certified in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ardmore is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for health, safety and quality of operations. Through daily commitment from all seafarers and staff, supported by leadership from officers, superintendents and managers, Ardmore will:

  • Provide a safe working and living environment that is constantly being improved through implementation of lessons learned, with the goal of completely eliminating accidents and personal injury;
  • Operate to a standard that meets or exceeds the most demanding criteria set by our customers and industry regulators;
  • Ensure that hazards are properly identified and controlled;
  • Establish and routinely review and improve specific health & safety objectives and targets;
  • Promote awareness and health, safety and quality management improvement through formal education and on-the-job training;
  • Actively solicit input from our commercial and technical partners on the development, implementation, and improvement of our health, safety and quality programmes;
  • Sustain an atmosphere within Ardmore and its technical managers that encourages active leadership, and open communication, innovation, and continuous improvement; and
  • Hold every employee and sub-contractor accountable for the safety of themselves and their fellow workers and for the quality of their own work in Ardmore’s pursuit of providing top quality service to our customers.