Board of Directors

Curtis Mc Williams

Chairman of the Board

Anthony Gurnee


Brian Dunne

Audit Committee Chairman

Helen Tveitan de Jong


Mats Berglund


Kirsi Tikka


Senior management

Chartering team

Holly S. Cummings

Chartering Manager Americas

Steve Laybourn

Chartering Manager Europe

Ha Eun Ruppelt

Commercial Project Manager

Gerald Tan

Chartering Manager Asia/Middle East

Swenson Chen

Chartering Asia/Middle East

Tom Forde

Chartering Services Europe

Yvonne Murray

Commercial Analyst

Fleet management team

Gerry Docherty

Director, Fleet Management

Georgina Alderman

Insurance Manager

Garry Noonan

Technical Manager

Abhijit Ghosh

Marine Manager

Celia Kang

Marine Personnel Manager

Susanne Deane

Marine Business Analyst

Suraj Batra

Technical Projects Manager

Bob Clarkson

Marine Insurance Manager

Commercial operations team

Robert Gaina

Director, Commercial Operations

Cristin Nutu

Cargo Manager

Anushka Nair

Claims and Demurrage Manager

Jordan Hunt

Commercial Operations – Team Lead (West)

David Choe

Commercial Operations – Team Lead (East)

Cindy Lin

Senior Voyage Analyst

LaiWan Chow

Voyage Manager

Mardhiah Mustapha

Voyage Analyst Singapore

Fernanda Gallardo

Voyage Manager Americas

Meadhbh Ni Chrualaoi

Voyage Manager Ireland

Fabian Khoo

Voyage Manager Singapore

Edina Lee

Voyage Manager Singapore

Finance & legal team

John Russell

Director, Finance

Barry O'Neill

Director, Accounting

Karen Daly

Senior Manager, Accounting

Emma Mulcahy

Financial Reporting Manager

Donna Mooney

Manager, Commercial Accounting

Colette Daly

Manager, Finance

Billy Cartlidge

Assistant Revenue Accounting Manager

Áine Martin

Cash Management & Accounts Payable Manager

Sandy Tan

Financial Accountant (Singapore)

Conor Fitzgerald

Corporate Finance Executive

Mike Godley

Financial Accountant

Seán Hegarty

Financial Accountant

Caroline Murphy

Revenue Accounting Specialist

Rachel McAuliffe

Acting Revenue Accounting Specialist

Magda Chaber

Revenue Accounting Assistant

Radhika Sarma

Revenue Accounting Associate

Hugh Broderick

Finance Associate

Radhika Chadha

Financial Accounting Associate

Linda Murphy

Accounts Payable Assistant

Corporate services team

Jacqueline Kelly

Global Corporate Services Manager & Executive Assistant

Nadia Mather

Legal Associate

Mona Holden

Senior HR Administrator

Kate Kelly

Senior Administrative Assistant Ireland

Patricia Tan-Koo

Office Administrator Singapore

Selina Birmingham

Office Administrator Ireland

Anglo Ardmore - Joint Venture

Peter Helm


Lavkesh Agarwal

Senior Vessel Manager

Vasanth Subramanien

Deputy Fleet Manager

Satvir Chahar

Fleet Manager

Abhishek Rai

Marine Manager

Krishnan Nambiar S

Senior Vessel Manager

Samrat Biswas

Senior Marine Superintendent

Sujith Baby

Vessel Manager

April Lam

Senior Technical Officer

Tweety Chan

Senior Technical Officer

Carmen Ho

Technical Officer

Jamie Cheng

Technical Officer

Phonia Lo

Marine Officer

Minnie Chan


Coco Lui