Ardmore celebrates the Safety Champions for 2020

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Ardmore Shipping’s Safety Champion award aims to acknowledge the efforts of specific seafarers for going the extra mile to show innovation and commitment to the safety of Ardmore staff and vessels. In 2020, Ardmore announced a total of four Safety Champions, each offering – through their positions – unique initiatives and ideas that have improved the work environment and processes onboard Ardmore’s tanker vessels.

Q1 2020

Sanatan Sakar, Bosun of the Ardmore Endurance, showed inspiring dedication to safety onboard this vessel and was awarded the Q1 2020 Safety Champion title.

Sanatan Sakar went to extraordinary lengths to introduce new safety initiatives, which included the initiation of a PPE, eye wash facilities, and various other safety suggestions. Mr Sarkar’s efforts were consistent, resulting in glowing endorsements by fellow ship staff members, his tasks included painting of the Ardmore Shipping logo on the ship’s funnel, painting of the ship’s side, and the de-rusting of accommodation portals.

Mark Cameron, COO, Ardmore Shipping commented: “In one of the most testing years for seafarers to date, Sanatan is putting in significant and taking great pride in his job, his colleagues and his work environment. It is clear that he leaves the vessel in a lasting and better condition when he departs – meaning future generations of seafarers signing off will be well-protected by his enhancements.”

When accepting his award, Mr Sakar said: “I am very happy to receive the Safety Champion Award this quarter. It is a boost to my morale and certainly an encouragement for all others onboard. I would like to thank Ardmore Shipping, Anglo Ardmore Ship Management, Senior management, and my colleagues onboard for this kind gesture for recognizing me as a Safety Champion.”

Congratulations once again, Mr Sarkar – you have certainly made us proud with your innovative attitude and One Team spirit!

Q2 2020

With several high calibre nominations in the second quarter of the year, it was Chief Cook Suresh Kumar of the Ardmore Exporter who clinched the Safety Champion title, despite strong competition.

Mr Kumar demonstrated the importance of a cook’s contribution to safety onboard Ardmore tanker vessels, by consistently working to raise the standards of safety on board. His positive attitude was widely endorsed by his colleagues – as were his culinary skills, which kept spirits high during the pandemic.

Mr Kumar led training on galley firefighting systems, meticulously following safety procedures and took an active part in drills and training programmes in a constructive, friendly, and memorable fashion.

His colleagues also praised him for the initiative he took in finding a safe way to adjust the galley hotplate, enabling kitchen staff to cook different types of Dosai – a popular Indian dish – with less oil. This had a great impact on the morale onboard, especially in 2020 when many crew members were away from home for extended periods of time. In addition, Mr Kumar showed true One Team spirit by using his mobile data sparingly, so that he was able to research new dishes daily, to the delight of his fellow sea staff.

“This is the first time we have seen a chief cook nomination,” Gerry Docherty, Director of Fleet Management at Ardmore Shipping mentioned. “It is clear that Mr Kumar is a true example of the fact that safety is everyone’s responsibility – not only those on deck and in the engine room. Safety is an attitude, and leadership is demonstrated through a consistent and positive approach to daily tasks.”

On receiving the award, Suresh Kumar said: “I am extremely happy to have this award, and proud to be a part of the Ardmore family. I will continue to provide the best food possible to my crew mates, which I hope will make them feel more at home during these difficult times.”

Thank you for your efforts, Suresh – they are greatly appreciated and no doubt inspiring to the rest of the Ardmore team.

Q3 2020

3rd Officer Subash Sekar demonstrated a deep understanding of safety matters, diligently applying these to his work onboard the Ardmore Seavantage.

Mr Sekar’s conscientiousness was noted by fellow ship staff, but also external parties including vetting inspectors and AMSA. Taking pride in raising safety standards onboard his vessel with a positive attitude and commitment, Mr Sekar, displayed a keen awareness of contour selecting procedures and safety settings of the ECDIS. He shared his expertise by posting current safety parameters next to the equipment to ensure that his fellow crew members were fully aware of the importance of these requirements.

He also exhibited the safe use of the gangway, taking charge of the rigging of the safety net. Mr Sekar also took the time to train his colleagues on correct procedures, all the while promoting COVID-safe measures.

“It’s wonderful to see such proactiveness across the fleet,” remarked Gerry Docherty, Director of Fleet Management at Ardmore Shipping. “Our staff are the heart of this company, and it’s inspiring to see examples of individuals going above and beyond to create positive impact through their positions, to the benefit of those around them.”

Mr Sekar received glowing praise from his co-workers, and we’re exceptionally proud to have him as part of the Ardmore family. Well done!

Q4 2020

Wrapping up what was a notably challenging year at sea, the Safety Champion for quarter 4 of 2020 was Pumpman Montano Rodrigo Jr. Juntela, of the Ardmore Cherokee.

Mr Juntela brought immense value to meetings, with creative ideas to improve the safety of crew entering enclosed spaces while wearing self-contained breathing apparatus. He also marked the potentially hazardous parts of the crane, to ensure that crew members knew the path of moving parts and avoided potential injury. His constant guidance of fellow crew members undoubtably made a huge difference to their experience onboard.

Mark Cameron, COO of Ardmore Shipping, stated: “Like a ship, safety never stops, it is ever present, reinventing itself. Just when you think you have thought of everything, people keep adding more and more positive, proactive, and practical applications.