Ardmore Chippewa and Ardmore Seahawk Join Ardmore Fleet

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Ardmore Shipping Corporation today announced that its latest two newbuild vessels, the Ardmore Chippewa and the Ardmore Seahawk, were delivered by Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co. Ltd and SPP Shipbuilding Co. Ltd on 13th November 2015 and 16th November 2015 respectively.

The Ardmore Seahawk is a 49,999 DWT IMO 2/3 product and chemical tanker built in Korea, while the Ardmore Chippewa is a 25,233 DWT IMO 2 product and chemical danker built in Nagasaki. The addition to the Ardmore fleet of these two modern, fuel efficient vessels increases the number of Ardmore vessels on the water to 24. Technical management of the Ardmore Chippewa will be provided by Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd while the technical management of the Ardmore Seahawk will be provided by Univan Ship Management Ltd.

Commenting on the two deliveries, Mark Cameron, Ardmore Shipping’s COO, said:

“We are pleased to welcome the Ardmore Chippewa and the Ardmore Seahawk to the Ardmore fleet. This brings to the end our four vessel program with Fukuoka Shipbuilding, and also our four vessel program with SPP Shipbuilding. We extend our sincere thanks to both Fukuoka Shipbuilding and SPP Shipbuilding for their diligence, commitment and excellence throughout the build process. The addition of these two vessels demonstrates our constant commitment to growing Ardmore’s fleet through state-of-the-art, high quality and efficient vessels to our fleet. With an average age of under four and a half years, the Ardmore fleet is among the youngest in the industry.

Both the Ardmore Chippewa and the Ardmore Seahawk are high quality eco-design Ardmore vessels, equipped with a variety of fuel-saving measures, including Skysails vessel optimization software, and offering the highest standards of fuel efficiency and operational performance for our customers.

We wish the Ardmore Chippewa, the Ardmore Seahawk and their crew fair winds and following seas as they go on to fulfil a long and successful service within the Ardmore fleet.”