Ardmore joins industry-wide survey to explore diversity in shipping

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The first ever survey and study to explore levels of diversity and inclusion in the shipping industry has been announced by the newly-formed Diversity Study Group (DSG) and Ardmore Shipping is proud to be a founding member.  

The Diversity Study Group is the first organisation dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion in all forms in shipping, including gender, ethnicity, age and regional differentiation.

Mark Cameron, Executive Vice President and COO of Ardmore Shipping commented:

Launching this new survey is integral for companies to understand that drawing from a wide pool of talent will improve employee and company performance. Here at Ardmore, we see this survey not only as a method of providing a measure of diversity in the industry, but also as a source of data to act on as we continue to improve our approach to supporting diversity and inclusion in all forms. This is about change in the industry and the more companies that get ‘on board’, as they did with the IMO campaign earlier this year on gender equality, the better for every company and for the whole industry.”