Ardmore joins panel at Fathom Fleet Transformation Conference

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Mark Cameron, Executive Vice President and COO of Ardmore Shipping, joined the debate at this year’s Fleet Transformation: The Event 2017, held in London.

With a focus on technical, ship, fleet and business efficiency transformation, The Event aimed to focus on the viable tools and technology to enable change in shipping’s ‘new economic reality’ and the business strategies to deliver success.

Mark took part in a panel discussion that posed the question ‘how can the commercial and technical integrate?’ With fellow panellists from Lavinia Bulk, FB Larsen and Bloc, the session looked at how technology solutions are impacting on commercial practices and how owners and operators can successfully integrate operational, technical and commercial considerations to achieve the desired performance improvements.

The panel addressed a number of different issues with a forward-looking perspective, but still focused on the practicality of the options for shipowners. In what was a wide-ranging discussion, Mark challenged the current level of interest in autonomous shipping, when the greater priority for today’s owners is to find creative solutions to emissions-related challenges.