Ardmore leads green technology debate at European Marine Engineering Conference

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 Ardmore Shipping COO Mark Cameron, took part in The Doug Woodyard Memorial Debate during this year’s European Marine Engineering Conference in Amsterdam. The conference sought to address the operational, technological and engineering challenges facing ship operators today.

Arguing against the motion that “This conference believes it does not pay to install green technologies.” Mark made the case in favour of eco-technology in the shipping industry.

The debate covered a range of topical issues, including the financing of green technologies, the impact of lower oil prices and whether green technologies offer a competitive advantage.

Mark argued that regulation and innovation need not be uneasy bedfellows, noting that technology and automation can also play a role in lightening the regulatory burden being placed upon today’s seafarers.

Mark emphasised the need for regulators to put global interests first and concluded that there are many dimensions to securing the benefits of green technology: “It’s about your whole ethos towards operating ships. It’s an operational and chartering strategy as much as it is about installing new hardware.”