Ardmore presents at the Nautical Institute Command Seminar

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Ardmore’s seagoing officers Captain Gabriel Zevri and Jordan Hunt, presented at the 2017 Cork Command Seminar, which took place on October 12th and 13th. Organised by The Nautical Institute, the focus for the seminar was on ‘Navigation Accidents and their Causes’.

Using fictional scenarios, Gabriel and Jordan illustrated some of the most common causes for maritime accidents including, tiredness / fatigue, poor use of charts / voyage plan, poor manning level, distraction on the bridge, and in some cases a lack of situation awareness or poor decision making.

The duo concluded by offering some useful practical information from an owner’s perspective on ways to mitigate such scenarios. These included suggestions such as selection of competent crew at the outset, ongoing training and mentoring, and ultimately, empowering crew members to make the right decisions at the appropriate times.