Ardmore Sealifter rescues crew in stormy seas

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On 13 June, the Ardmore Sealifter diverted from their route towards New York after receiving a distress alert and undertook a rescue operation in the North Atlantic in extremely poor weather conditions.

Captain Wendell, the officers and crew of the Ardmore Sealifter successfully rescued the crew of four in heavy seas and strong winds, after the rudder broke on the sailboat due to strong waves and wind conditions gusting over 31 knots.

Captain Wendell Henrick’s from the Ardmore Sealifter stated: “I can only thank my brave crew for their expertise, quick-thinking and skilled seamanship for responding to the situation with such professionalism and skill. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the shore staff for the constant support and cooperation given to us during the operation.”

Neil Hetherington on behalf of the rescued Boundless crew, said: “I have never felt such relief in seeing the lights of a 600-foot tanker. The skill, professionalism and leadership from the crew of the Ardmore Sealifter under Captain Hendrick’s direction was exceptional.”

Mark Cameron, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Ardmore Shipping commented: “Ardmore Shipping and our Technical Manager partner Anglo Ardmore are extremely proud of the expert seamanship showed in ensuring the safety of all four sailors and we would like to commend all those involved. Securing the 38-foot sailboat to the Ardmore Sealifter was no small feat and this rescue demonstrated true Ardmore teamwork at its best.”

Vessel approaching the distressed craft
Successfully rescued crew with the Ardmore crew