Ardmore Shipping answers call for seafarer support with donation to The Mission to Seafarers

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At Ardmore Shipping, we deeply respect and value our seafarers. We recognise that these dedicated professionals are critical to our success as a business and they are on the front line in delivering high-quality customer service, ensuring safe and efficient operations, and are integral to maintaining and protecting our fleet.

The entire world relies on these men and women transporting essential cargo across the oceans, doing their jobs with pride and professionalism. With COVID-19 imposing restricted travel and social distancing, seafarers in many cases also face the considerable challenges of extended contracts and separation from loved ones, along with restricted access to support services when in port combined with no shore leave meaning they cannot set foot ashore for any form of recreation.

The maritime charity, The Mission to Seafarers, provides an essential service in normal times and has stepped up through assessing the needs of seafarers throughout COVID-19 when it is clear that many seafarers are suffering. The Mission has been undertaking an essential service focusing on delivering welfare support and has rightfully added its voice to the call  for international governments to recognise and protect our international key workers.

To answer their call for action, Ardmore Shipping, together with our partners in Anglo-Ardmore and Thome Ship Management, took part in the ‘Global Challenge Unite’ campaign, an opportunity for all our staff, colleagues and friends around the world to unite in voicing support for the call to protect the global seafaring workforce with a global sporting challenge.

We would like to thank our teams across Houston, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and around the rest of the world who took part alongside us. We are pleased our donation of $18,000 USD will go towards not only protecting our workforce, but also progressing the entire industry.

Watch some of our teams in action, and hear from Ardmore Shipping CEO, Anthony Gurnee, here: