Ardmore Shipping at Fathom Ship Efficiency Conference 2014

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Speaking at last week’s Ship Efficiency Conference in London, Mark Cameron, COO of Ardmore Shipping, gave delegates an insight into how Ardmore Shipping is unlocking the potential of vessel performance management to maximise operational efficiencies.

Ship Efficiency: The Event aims to provide a platform for the shipping industry to share insights and solutions on how to secure the commercial and operational benefits of efficiency improvements, whether as a result of new technologies, business processes or behaviour.

Speaking to the conference under the title of ‘What Gets Measured Gets Done’, Mark explained the emphasis that Ardmore places upon being able to accurately measure ship performance, drawing upon a wide array of factors and external conditions that need to be monitored across an entire voyage.

As Mark put it to delegates, “we want to inspire excellence on board our ships.” He described how this real-time data allows Ardmore to optimise performance by empowering ship staff and giving them the authority and confidence to use the data at their fingertips, as well as allowing Ardmore to work in close partnership with charterers.

Speaking after the event, Mark commented:

“For Ardmore Shipping, true voyage optimisation is the combination of proven technology and a knowledgeable, committed and empowered team onboard, with ship and shore perfectly aligned and working together. Ship Efficiency 2014 was the perfect opportunity to share our experience of placing voyage optimisation at the core of our business and to meet other members of our industry who share our belief in the power of performance measurement and data transparency.”