Ardmore Shipping celebrates World Maritime Day with Anglo Ardmore Arboretum

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This year, the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) World Maritime Day theme is ‘sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’. The theme has been chosen to raise awareness of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and showcase the work that the IMO and its Member States are undertaking to achieve such targets.

At Ardmore Shipping we have always been committed to enhancing the sustainability of our practices and operations, especially in relation to our carbon output, to help ensure the longevity of the shipping industry as economically and environmentally viable. One way in which we are contributing towards global sustainability is through the transparency of our ESG reporting throughout 2019 and 2020. For example, we were the first US listed shipping company to report carbon emissions for its fleet on a quarterly basis during 2019. We are keen to play our part in developing industry-wide practices and methodologies to turn numbers into actionable data.

In addition to this, and in honour of the World Maritime Day, we are partnering with Anglo Eastern and celebrating sustainable shipping with a new initiative aimed at further promoting sustainability.

We are pleased to be working side by side with Anglo Ardmore Ship Management (AASML) to plant a tree for each Ardmore employee and another fifteen trees representing Anglo Ardmore. A total of 70 trees are to be planted on the grounds of the Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy in Karjat, India, an area of land generously dedicated to the project by Anglo Eastern. This area of trees will be named the Anglo Ardmore Arboretum in honour of our team and their dedication to transparent and sustainable shipping.

Each year, the successive cadets at the college will take care of the trees, reinforcing their connection between the shipping industry and a sustainable planet. We are very pleased to be working with Anglo Eastern on this project and their commitment to our joint venture. It is an honour to unite our passion for a green maritime future.

For more information on World Maritime Day 2020, click here.

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat, India