Ardmore Shipping joins the Trident Alliance

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Ardmore Shipping has joined the Trident Alliance and pledged its support for the effective enforcement of the regulations on maritime sulphur emissions.

Formed earlier this year, the Trident Alliance is a coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common 
interest in the enforcement of sulphur regulations, for the benefit of human health and the environment, as well as creating a level playing field for responsible business.

The members of the alliance include some of world’s leading shipping companies, all of whom have signed a Statement of Commitment on their organisations’ compliance with those sulphur regulations.  In addition, the Trident Alliance is campaigning for the robust and transparent enforcement of those regulations through a number of different solutions, including raising awareness of the issue and supporting innovation in enforcement technology.

The goal of the Alliance is to ensure that compliance with these regulations is the norm, not the exception.  If this can be achieved, not only will the regulations play their part in protecting human health and the environment, it will also ensure that responsible operators are not penalised for complying with the regulations whilst others gain an unfair advantage through non-compliance.

Mark Cameron, COO of Ardmore Shipping, commented:

“As a responsible operator, committed to compliance with the sulphur regulations, we endorse the goals of the Trident Alliance and look forward to playing our part in encouraging the wider shipping industry to support the robust enforcement of these rules, both for the public health and environmental benefits, and to ensure a level playing field for all shipping companies.”

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