Ardmore supporting IMO’s Day of the Seafarer

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Ardmore Shipping is proud to support the IMO’s ‘Day of the Seafarer’ taking place today.  As a shipping company who has a number of ex Seafarers now employed ashore, Ardmore understands the importance of our seafarers and the dedication, professionalism and integrity that they demonstrate day-in, day-out.  The seafarers serving on Ardmore’s fleet do a remarkable job of delivering safe and efficient shipping services to our customers, whilst protecting our marine environment.  As an industry, we owe it to them to pay tribute to their work and to do all we can in providing a safe, secure working environment which supports their wellbeing and professional development.


The ‘Day of the Seafarer’ is being marked around the world today by a variety of means including utilizing a number of social media platforms all supported by the IMO. Social networking connects people across continents, time zones and now the oceans, allowing us to say a direct ‘thank you’ to the world’s seafarers.  This is particularly apt given the role that access to the internet now plays in helping many seafarers keep in touch with friends and family whilst going about their business across the globe.

The IMO’s chosen theme for this year’s Day of the Seafarer is ‘Faces of the Sea’.  We acknowledge that the men and women serving onboard often spend long periods of time away from their homes and families, and it is therefore important that we remember:- without their efforts working together as a team, no voyage can ever be considered a success.  At its heart, not only does the shipping industry depend upon them, but the wheels of industry and world trade rely heavily upon  their professionalism, expertise and commitment to keep world trade moving.

We place a great responsibility on our Seafarers to protect our customers’ cargoes, the world’s oceans and of course our vessels.  In turn, we believe that we have an obligation to keep our seafarers safe, secure and comfortable, helping them to make the most of their fulfilling career and take pride in the great profession and tradition of Seafaring.

At the heart of Ardmore’s ethos is our belief that our seafarers make the difference between service, and Service Excellence.  We are proud of every seafarer who serves onboard our fleet including those at home on vacation.  This is why we named our first vessel in their honour, the ‘Ardmore Seafarer’.  So today, on the International Day of the Seafarer, we want to say thank you to the crews of the Ardmore Seafarer; Ardmore Seamaster; Ardmore Seatrader; Ardmore Centurion; Ardmore Capella; Ardmore Calypso; Ardmore Seavaliant and the Ardmore Seaventure, as well as the global seafaring community.

To learn more about Day of the Seafarer, just visit the IMO website. You can also show your support for Day of the Seafarer on Twitter using #thankyouseafarer or by posting a message of support on the IMO Facebook page.