Ardmore trialling onboard document digitalisation

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Here at Ardmore, we have always had a keen interest in exploring how technological advances can deliver improvements in safety and performance. We pride ourselves on taking a progressive approach to innovation, but always with a practical focus on the verifiable benefits for our vessel operations.

One such area is onboard digitalisation and we have embraced performance monitoring technology across our fleet, empowering our crew with the data to make smart decisions to optimise fuel and operational efficiency. 

Most recently, we have been involved in a trial study with Irish technology company Skytek and other research partners in the use of real-time satellite tracking and onboard digital tools to reduce risk and improve safety and efficiency. In particular, the study looked at the productivity gains that can be unlocked by the digitalisation of onboard documentation.  The study showed some promising results in how digital documentation can support improved compliance and smarter operations – all of which contributes towards our goal of a safer, more environmentally responsible and efficient shipping industry.

You can read more about Skytek’s work here: