Future forecasts at the 40th International Bunker Conference

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On 7th May, Mark Cameron, Executive Vice President and COO of Ardmore Shipping, spoke at the 40th International Bunker Conference, a world-renowned forum for the bunker industry.

Focussing on the challenges and opportunities of 2020, the conference covered global perspectives spanning a wide range of issues, from fuel quality considerations, regulations, operational solutions and legal concerns.

Mark spoke about the operational consequences of 2020 and explored some of the current solutions to meeting regulations, as well as discussing the longer-term decarbonisation challenges of 2050.

Commenting on the event, Mark Cameron said: “IBC have previously focussed on industry milestones and challenges and this year was no different, particularly given the current shifting waters in the industry. The programme was extremely well put together, combining great speakers who covered diverse opinions on the impending changes of 2020, which included a passionate panel of speakers from different regions debating the readiness for 2020.  It is clear that beyond planning for the initial transition, the biggest issue facing those using compliant fuel is compatibility and the conference helped to inform and dispel myths, giving real insights into what to expect in the coming months.”