Gernot Ruppelt: Highlighting the importance of adaptability, a round-up of our recent organizational changes

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Ardmore Shipping has announced a number of promotions, changes in roles and new hires over the last few months. Gernot Ruppelt, Ardmore’s Chief Commercial Officer, comments on team growth in 2022, the importance of adaptability, and the opportunities these changes represent as the company heads into the new year.

On the commercial front, 2022 was a year like no other. Or was it? 

Freight markets have been unexpectedly strong, far above historical records.  But is this in itself truly special?  Our industry is inherently cyclical, with bull and bear runs playing out infinitely across its various sectors. These cycles have existed as long as there have been merchant ships. And every turning point always brings uncertainty, and with it comes volatility.

As in any year, we operate throughout the market cycle and the many “mini cycles” within it, which we perceive as volatility. In that sense, this makes 2022 really a year like every other. And in our world, change is the only true constant.  

A core task of the Ardmore team, no matter where we are in the cycle, is to maintain the ability to adapt constantly. To not only accept volatility and all the complexity that comes with it – but to welcome it, to embrace it, and to thrive in it. Having a nimble yet focused mindset, being decisive yet methodical; being your best self individually, while acting as one team.  These are critical behaviours in an ever-changing environment.  

Also as an organization, we need to evolve, and there were a number of significant organizational changes in 2022:

  • Holly Cummings and Gerald Tan stepped up as Commercial Heads West and East, respectively, and have thereby taken on broader strategic leadership responsibilities.
  • Swenson Chen and Tom Forde developed and deepened their reach in their markets and were promoted to Chartering Managers for their respective regions (Asia/Middle East and Europe).
  • Steve Laybourn is now focused on a new function for Ardmore by taking on the role of Manager, Carbon & New Markets, where he is targeting emerging cargos and markets, and covering the rapidly changing landscape around carbon legislation. 
  • Jordan Hunt has assumed broader responsibility as Global Commercial Operations Manager, while David Choe, currently Operations Team Lead East is preparing to gradually transition to Chartering.  Lai Wan Chow, after gaining valuable experience cross-training in Chartering last year, will take over as Team Lead East for Operations in Singapore.  In the West, Fernanda Gallardo has stepped up as Team Least West after joining us in 2021 in our Houston office. 
  • Dayne Liu has returned to Ardmore to take overall ownership of our revenue collection efforts and integration within the commercial platform as Claims & Demurrage Manager.
  • We are also celebrating promotions to Voyage Manager for Edina Lee in Singapore, Meadhbh Ní Chrualaoi and Niall Crowley in Cork, and we are welcoming Kayla Davenport as a newcomer to the industry joining our Commercial Operations desk in Houston. 

Congratulations to all, we are convinced everyone will perform admirably and look forward to a strong 2023 for Ardmore.