INTERVIEW: Choosing a career in seafaring, with Chief Engineer Reyes Romualdo

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Chief Engineer Reyes Romualdo

Celia Kang, our Marine Personnel Manager in Singapore, spoke to newly promoted Chief Engineer, Reyes Romualdo about his reasons for choosing a career in seafaring, the challenges he has experienced and his predications for the future generation of seafaring engineers.

Why did you choose a career in seafaring?

When I was young, I did not have much interest in becoming a seaman. It was only in my later years when I went to the Maritime Academy that I saw the benefits associated with being a seaman, which were a great paying job and a chance to develop long lasting friendships. By becoming a seafarer, I opened up many job opportunities and enabled a bright future for my family.

What can you remember from your first trip as an engineering cadet?

Excitement! I still remember the excitement of going onboard for the first time. I was excited for the life ahead of me as a seafarer, as well as being able to complete my cadetship onboard and getting “hands on” for the tasks that awaited me.

Have you always worked on tankers?

Yes, most of my career at sea has been on tanker vessels but I have had a few trips on bulk carrier ships too.

What has been your most memorable voyage?

Every voyage is memorable. The first time setting foot on a vessel going from one country to another is an adventure; getting to see the cultures of different countries and the beautiful surroundings will always be memorable.

What has been your most difficult experience?

Being away from family and friends is very difficult. However, these are the sacrifices that need to be made for the stability that being a seafarer provides.

How do you see the future for seafaring engineers?

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it will be essential for sea-going engineers to be trained both academically and practically to manage these changes. These changes will however help us grow and develop our skillset.

How does sailing with Ardmore Shipping differ from other shipping companies?

In my experience as a seafarer, Ardmore Shipping is different from any other company because Ardmore is concerned about, and connected to, the crew onboard. Ardmore provides us with support and great communication lines to stay connected with our families too. I would say that Ardmore is different from other shipping companies in all aspects.

Share something interesting about yourself that we might not know

I came from Thome Ship Management and started as an Engine Cadet way back in 1997. Since joining Ardmore recently, I have been newly promoted to CE onboard.