Health & Safety

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Ardmore is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for health, safety and quality of operations. Through daily commitment from all seafarers and staff, supported by leadership from officers, superintendents and managers, Ardmore will:

  • Provide a safe working and living environment that is constantly being improved through implementation of lessons learned, with the goal of completely eliminating accidents and personal injury;
  • Operate to a standard that meets or exceeds the most demanding criteria set by our customers and industry regulators;
  • Ensure that hazards are properly identified and controlled;
  • Establish and routinely review and improve specific health & safety objectives and targets;
  • Promote awareness and health, safety and quality management improvement through formal education and on-the-job training;
  • Actively solicit input from our commercial and technical partners on the development, implementation, and improvement of our health, safety and quality programmes;
  • Sustain an atmosphere within Ardmore and its technical managers that encourages active leadership, and open communication, innovation, and continuous improvement; and
  • Hold every employee and sub-contractor accountable for the safety of themselves and their fellow workers and for the quality of their own work in Ardmore’s pursuit of providing top quality service to our customers.