The Ardmore Crew’s Got Talent

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As part of Ardmore’s ongoing Wellness Programme and commitment to seafarer wellbeing, the “Crew’s Got Talent” photography competition was launched in April 2023, which aims to encourage the sharing of experiences between teams on different Ardmore vessels and showcase some of the adventures our seafarers experience during their time at sea.

At Ardmore Shipping, we take pride in our seafarers and their wellbeing, celebrating their hard work whenever possible. Traversing the globe on a daily basis, these individuals operate in a range of environments, often enjoying unique scenes from both the natural world and industry.   

Ardmore’s ‘Crew Got Talent’ initiative, which was launched in April and will be run monthly until the end of 2023, invited One Team seafarers to submit their favorite photographs taken during day-to-day operations. The initiative was run in collaboration with 3Cube Medicare – which provides healthcare services to the maritime industry. Over 328 submissions were received, with Ardmore and 3Cube teams embracing the challenging task of narrowing the selection down to a shortlist of 40 entries, before selecting 10 finalists. Entries were judged on composition, lighting, and choice of caption. The overall winner was then chosen by Anthony Gurnee, Ardmore’s CEO.

Clinching the title was Deck Cadet Archit Sharma of the Ardmore Sealion, who submitted the below photograph titled ‘Let me fly all over the world’. Judges concluded that the image best aligned with the entry criteria, capturing the serenity of a typical scene at sea, with a sense of calm exuded by a colorful background that showcases a single bird soaring across the sky.

Deck Cadet Archit Sharma, ‘Let me fly all over the world’

Special thanks to all who submitted photos for this month’s competition. The teams at Ardmore and 3Cube thoroughly enjoyed the process of sorting through the entries, which allowed us to experience, vicariously, some of the spectacular settings our seafarers find themselves between ports. From nature, sunsets, team building events, and sailing vessels, to skylines of cities all over the world, these images, and their intriguing captions, brought to life what it means to work in maritime. We look forward to receiving May’s submissions.

Below is a selection of other top shortlisted entries:

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